Ruth F.

Ruth was admitted to Ascending to Health’s Recuperative Care Program in October 2014 after being homeless for several months and treated in the hospital for exacerbation of COPD and poorly controlled diabetes mellitus.

Ascending to Health provided a safe place to recover and immediately connected Ruth with a primary care physician to help control her diabetes.

She stopped tobacco use and as a result, further hospitalizations and ED visits due to her COPD ceased.

She was placed in A Step Up’s supportive housing program and is receiving the assistance she needs to manage her health conditions and provide a higher quality of life.


“Ascending To Health helped me when I was at my lowest. Sick, depressed, and homeless. They got me up on my feet with medical and mental health. Now I have a place and I’m grateful for the program. Destiny and Greg get 5 stars!”


“If I was back on the streets, I would be living in a totaled car somewhere. The (ATHRC) Supportive Housing Program has saved my life.”


Delores is a client who recently spent time recovering at our Respite Care facility. She has now reconnected with some family in Kansas. We are so happy she is well and no longer homeless and this thank you note was most appreciated by our staff.


“If it were not for the (ATHRC) program I definitely would be deceased. I had given up hope. But when I came here, I felt that they cared, and having someone care about you makes such a difference.”

Tanya R.

Tanya was admitted into the Recuperative Care Program upon discharge from the hospital, needing recovery from severe pulmonary complications. The Recuperative Care Program played an essential part in her recovery. Tanya had been doubling up with friends, but once she fell ill she was not allowed back into the home.

Ascending to Health provided a safe and supportive place to convalesce, connected her with a Primary Care doctor and Client Navigator who helped coordinate follow-up specialty appointments, and provided nutritious meals to enhance her recovery. Our SOAR Administrator found issues with her Old Age Pension that was not paying the amount for which she had qualified. Once corrected, and once fully recuperated, she was able to save money and enter subsidized housing.

Without Ascending to Health’s Recuperative Care services, Tanya would have been discharged from the hospital to the local emergency shelter, warming shelter or the streets. Without the appropriate support and case management, she would have likely suffered severe complications and numerous readmissions to the Emergency Department and/or hospital.

Today she is healthy and enjoying her own apartment.