Healthcare and Housing Programs for the Homeless

Medical Respite

At its stand-alone medical clinic, located in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado Springs and one half mile from UCHealth Memorial Hospital, Ascending to Health provides homeless persons a safe place to recover when discharged from local hospitals. Patients access medical care and other supportive services including transportation, nutrition, case management, benefits enrollment, connections to primary care and behavioral health providers and opportunities for long term supportive housing.

General Clinic Services/Behavioral Health Focus

In addition to its referral based respite care services, The Boulder Clinic provides patient-centered care focused on mental health and substance abuse conditions using trauma-informed care and motivational interviewing as a cornerstone in developing treatment modalities. Hours are Tuesday 10am – 4pm and Thursday 10am – 4pm. Call 719-635-7639 to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome.

Permanent Supportive Housing

“Hospital to Housing” Concept
A Step Up offers homeless persons leaving its respite care with advancing morbidities (such as cancer, dementia, end-stage-COPD) stable housing and mult-tiered case management which offset multiple readmissions to hospitals systems, enabling them to approach end-of-life status with dignity. A result of the wrap around services and benefits received while in respite care, approximately 43 percent of clients are connected to permanent supportive housing options using this continuum of care model. These include transition to one of its ten assisted living units, palliative or hospice care, long term care or reunification with family members.


Clinical staff conducts periodic outreach in the community to educate homeless persons and support organizations about medical respite resources available at ATHRC and to assess demand for services. It aids in determining demographic trends, needs of homeless women and to identify patients recently discharged from hospitals who needed respite care but did not access those services.

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