Programs and Services

Recuperative Carenancy-2015-with-client-in-office

Recuperative care is a low cost, high quality care model which results in emergency room diversion, additional hospital discharge options and cost avoidance for hospitals and communities.

While clients are with us they are provided the following services:

  • Assistance getting medication and following the hospital discharge instructions
  • Connection to a primary care provider
  • Support for follow-up appointments
  • Assistance to enroll for benefits such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security or SSDI that they may be eligible to receive but have not received in the past
  • Referrals and evaluation for mental health, drug and alcohol or other co-occurring conditions.

Medical Respite

Our ServicesAscending to Health Respite Care is in the process of building up our medical respite program to allow us to take on more complexly ill patients and offer 24/7 care. In 2017 we plan to have Clinic designation in support of these efforts.

Housing Programclient-in-our-apartment

Ascending to Health has developed a comprehensive approach to address the needs of homeless individuals by providing them with housing, health and recovery assistance in a fully integrated way.

We have placed more than 40% of our clients in permanent supportive housing, assisted living or nursing facilities in efforts to keep them from returning to the street.

Ascending to Health Respite Care currently leases and provides supportive services for four apartment units, this does not touch the true need.  We hope to grow this program in future years.