Providing a safe place to recover for all homeless persons when released from local hospitals. Ending episodic and long-term homelessness caused by medical issues through person-centered, responsive, professional, collaborative care.


Ascending to Health Respite Care

Ascending to Health Respite Care is a dynamic start-up non-profit organization dedicated to providing the highest standard of supportive care and interim sheltering to a specific segment of the homeless population that is often too ill for the streets, but not ill enough for the hospital. Nationally, hospitals will keep a homeless patient up to 8 days longer than their housed counterparts incurring millions of dollars in in-patient costs.

The presence of a Respite Care in any community has also shown to decrease by 50%, the amount of patients returning to the ED (Emergency Department) within 90 days of discharge. Staffed with highly qualified medical and integrated care professionals, we will work with hospitals to allow more effective discharge of their homeless patients. Once admitted to the Respite Program, clients will experience intense case management in an effort to stop the frequent utilization of Emergency Departments and subsequent hospitalizations.


Clients will be assessed and placed in a setting that most addresses their medical acuity level (Motel or Shelter Based Respite Care Program). Case managers will work to help clients obtain social and health benefits, coordinate counseling / medical appointments, and facilitate moving clients into Transitional Care Programs or Permanent Supportive Housing.

This combined-model (motel and shelter-based) Respite Care program can potentially save the community millions in hospital admission costs annually, once full services are available.